CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency tracking website and app. It supplies users with accurate metrics and data on crypto performance. It’s great for anyone interested in crypto, as it offers full insight into the markets. Plus, users can track their portfolio.

Features include: global market data analysis, market cap, historical charts, and more. This guide will explain how to use CoinGecko to manage crypto investments, track gains/losses, and make informed decisions with its many features.


Sign Up for CoinGecko

Joining CoinGecko is a breeze! Just give us your email, username and password. Confirm your email and you’re ready to go! Follow these steps to start tracking your crypto portfolios on CoinGecko:

1. Enter your email address.

2. Choose a username.

3. Create a password.

4. Confirm your email.

5. Start tracking your crypto portfolios!


Create an Account

Starting up with CoinGecko is a breeze! Just follow these several easy steps to get your account ready and begin tracking your cryptocurrency investments.

Visit the CoinGecko website and select the “Sign Up” button on the top right corner of the page. Then, type in your first name, last name, username, email address and a secure password. Tick the box that states “I accept CoinGecko’s Terms & Conditions” and click “Create Account”.

Verify your email address by opening the unique link sent to you by CoinGecko. Head back to the website and log into your new account using your username or email address plus your chosen password.

Congratulations – you now have a CoinGecko account!


Link Your Exchange Accounts

CoinGecko offers a great feature where you can link your crypto exchange accounts. This provides an accurate overview of all your holdings. It is easier to keep track of assets, and make informed decisions.

Click ‘Connected Exchanges’ from the top navigation bar. This will bring up an authorization screen. Sign in with an API key for the exchange. API keys are usually found under the ‘API settings’ tab. Never share exchange credentials with third party applications like CoinGecko. Use API keys from trusted sources. They provide read-only access only.

It may take a few moments to import trades and orders. Be patient while they are loading into CoinGecko’s record books.


Track Your Crypto Portfolio

CoinGecko is an impressive crypto monitoring platform. It gives you the chance to monitor your crypto portfolio. It offers a comprehensive tracking suite which lets you have an understanding of your trading history, portfolio performance and more.

Let us explore some of CoinGecko’s features and learn how to use it to manage your crypto investments!


View Your Portfolio Performance

Once you’ve added all your holdings, you can view your portfolio’s performance. CoinGecko shows you clearly how your portfolio is doing over short and long periods.

Select the “Overview” tab in the “Portfolio” section to get a comprehensive picture of your total profits or losses over 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 1 year or your own date range. You’ll also get info on individual holdings like volume and market cap, plus total portfolio worth and profitability.

Gain insights into currency pairs to decide if you should hold all funds in one currency or spread it over a few. This makes it easier to strategize for future investments.

CoinGecko gives portfolio management to help you maximize profits from investments. It’s invaluable for investors.


Analyze Your Asset Allocation

Investors should look into their portfolio thoroughly. This way, they can decide the right asset allocation. After this, they can keep track of the portfolio and alter it to reach goals. CoinGecko has a tool that makes tracking crypto portfolios and studying investments easy.

To examine asset allocation, investors divide their investments into categories like market capitalization or sector breakdowns. CoinGecko offers these types of breakdowns for investors to check investment details.

Investors can use past and present performance to get an idea of how each crypto does against others. By analyzing the data, they can compare results between crypto markets and understand how certain crypto assets influence each other in regards to price or volatility.

CoinGecko also has more features like displaying prices in different currencies, seeing trading signals from exchanges like Binance, finding arbitrage options with SmartDerivatives, and more. Using these features can help investors have a better understanding of their crypto portfolio and make better decisions about managing it.


Monitor Market Prices

CoinGecko helps users track crypto prices on trading platforms. Its charting feature gives an up-to-date look at current prices and market trends, plus past price data. This way, people can see how the market has changed over time. CoinGecko also uses pie charts and other visuals to show the real-time market capitalization of all tracked cryptos. Investors can check each crypto’s share in the whole market.

Users can monitor their portfolio performance. They can compare their investments to others worldwide or break their investments into multiple portfolios. CoinGecko’s metrics, like traded volume and circulating supply, help people make smart investment decisions.


CoinGecko Features

CoinGecko is a crypto-tracker! Follow your portfolio performance with ease. See details of cryptocurrency trading like market cap, volume, price charts and more. Plus, CoinGecko has features to make trading simple.

Check out some of these features:


CoinGecko Buzz

CoinGecko Buzz is an awesome tool for tracking the latest news and social media activity related to crypto projects. It compiles all the related announcements, blog posts, and tweets about specific coins. Follow CoinGecko Buzz on your favorite social media platforms to stay up-to-date.

CoinGecko Buzz also offers sentiment analysis for each project. This helps measure market sentiment in a measurable way over time. You can get a better understanding of how investors view a particular cryptocurrency.

The data comes from Twitter, Reddit, blog posts and news sources, like Cointelegraph. Our team checks the quality of the information before it’s posted on the CoinGecko Buzz dashboard, to make sure it’s accurate and timely.


CoinGecko API

CoinGecko is an online platform that provides cryptocurrency data. It offers useful insights to those who use it. Its API is a great tool for crypto-enthusiasts. It lets users have access to data on digital tokens, and track their portfolio performance in real time.

The API also allows users to query complex financial data with more detail. This helps in making informed decisions.

CoinGecko’s API offers various GET methods. Developers can use them to get market data in their apps and websites.

  • Graph Data: Movement of prices over a certain period. Also indices like active addresses, network complexity, difficulty, and hash rate performance.
  • Markets Data: Exchange rates of over 300 fiat currencies; exchange rates between two crypto exchanges supported by CoinGecko; 24h volume and quote currency listings for exchanges.
  • Global Data: Total/max supply of cryptocurrencies; circulating/total supply; global cryptocurrency & fiat currency market capitalization ranking. Updated hourly.
  • Coins & Exchange Self Service Listings Info: Listings for publicly traded crypto & exchanges featured or referenced by CoinGecko’s official sources.


CoinGecko Widgets

CoinGecko offers widgets that let users add live crypto listings and price charts to their webpages or apps. These are great for investors that want to show their crypto assets, and for organizations needing to put live market data on their pages.

CoinGecko widgets come in two types. The CoinGecko Chart widget lets you observe a specific coin’s market prices and volume over time. You can customize the colors and set the chart’s height, for easy matching with your website or app design. The CoinGecko Badge widget shows up-to-date price badges for a single coin, designed for websites writing about certain cryptos. Both are free and easy to configure with the interactive wizard on the site.

You can use parameters such as colors, sizes, and labels to further personalize your charts or badges to your own theme and design. Static images are also available if you don’t need dynamic widgets. API Access is also provided, so developers can get real-time crypto pricing data without extra config or coding.



CoinGecko is a great tool for tracking crypto portfolios. It’s user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, make it easy to stay on top of the markets. Plus, its powerful reporting tools allow for informed trading decisions.

You can watch prices move in real time. Analyze market trends with detailed charts and graphs. Review historical data. Compare prices across different exchanges and currencies. Track performance of individual coins over time. And determine risk levels in specific portfolios.

Whether you’re a novice investor or an experienced trader, CoinGecko has all the resources you need. Keep up with the latest crypto news. Monitor your investments—CoinGecko helps you take control of your financial future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CoinGecko?
A: CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency data aggregator, providing market capitalization data, pricing information, and other data points for over 5,000 cryptocurrency coins and tokens.

Q: How do I use CoinGecko to track my crypto portfolio?
A: CoinGecko makes it easy to track your crypto portfolio. All you need to do is create a CoinGecko account, add your crypto wallets, and CoinGecko will sync up with your wallets to give you real-time updates on your portfolio performance.

Q: What other features does CoinGecko offer?
A: CoinGecko offers a variety of features such as price charts, market capitalization rankings, and news updates related to the cryptocurrency market.